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Voice Register Question

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Hi, I’m singing A Tout Le Monde for an upcoming school performance, and am trying to figure out which register to work with for a certain part. 

at around 2:35 in the song, Dave does that octave jump to a G4, with the highest note in that section being a C#5. What register is he using here? Chest mix, Head mix? Pure head voice?

I can hit the notes, but they sound kinda weak and not nearly as good as when he sings them, as well as not being the easiest for me, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m not using the right technique/register or whatever. I’ve been working on singing for about 4-5 months now, and have made a lot of improvement in what I can do, but this is something that i can’t quite figure out.

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Hi, ReuahcsKire.

Its a great question!  Regardless of what you call it, here are its characteristics:  1) easy, twangy production, 2) some rasp for effect, 3) bright vowels.

This vocalism reminds me of one of my very favorite older recordings... CCR on 'Favorite Son'  (see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I   )  You might check that out and compare with what you are intending.

You mention that you have been working on singing for 4-5 months... Out of curiosity, What age are you? 

IMO, getting twang going (if not already doing so) is job 1 in prepping for a song like this.  Its needs to be available on all vowels, and in the entire range of the song.  You can use the twang to increase vocal efficiency, and also benefit the brightness appropriate for the style.

I hope this is helpful.


Steven Fraser (first post in a very, very long time)


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