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Fear of Microphones

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I launched a singing hobby a few years ago simply because I enjoy singing. My goal is not only to improve as a vocalist but also to be able to share any skill I may develop with others starting with my local 'Open Mic' nights. I sing to backing tracks in various practice settings - in my truck (blue tooth to the sound system), in my basement where I have a SM58, a studio monitor and a simple mixer and in my " recording studio" (an office ) where I have a Scarlett Solo, a pair of M-Audio speakers, an Aston Element microphone and Audio-technica headphones. Longer term there may be an opportunity to sing with a jazz combo at a local lounge.

As with everyone some singing days are better than others. In my truck, often times, things sound pretty good. But when I put a microphone/speaker between my mouth and my ears, such as in my basement or my "studio", the disconnect can sometimes be unsettling. The sound I was hoping to produce, thought I was producing, felt like they should be good sounds, comes out pitchy, tight, etc. And when that happens it's hard to relax and enjoy. Eventually I adjust, compensate for the difference and the good sounds come back. And then I can relax and have fun again.

I was hoping someone could relate and may have some tips or suggestions on what I might try to get over this 'fear'. Even at an informal Open Mic I don't want to spend the first part of a song "adjusting". I need to nail it with the first note. (To be clear - nailing it is relative to me - good sounding me and bad sounding me. Nailing it does not mean sounding like Michael Buble or Neil Diamond.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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