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How to Perform Farinelli Exercise Properly

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Hi all, beginner singer here with a few questions about the farinelli exercise.

  1. How do I encourage lateral and back expansion (I use my belly too much)?

  2. Is inhaling for long periods of time necessary? I can only inhale for a couple seconds. If so, how can I build the technique?

  3. Should my abs tense at any point during the exercise (I tend to almost “clench” on the exhale)? Or should it feel relaxed and firm the entire way through?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi, aspiringginger!

1. Conceptualize the inhalation as going side-to-side through the ribcage, and all the way around your back. You can feel these motions by placing your hands in those areas prior to the inhalation.

2. The purpose of the exercise is to prevent a too-rapid exhalation.  Maintaining the feeling of 'continued inhalation' while singing is one way to do that.

3. Firm, but not tense.

I hope this is helpful.  The real challenge will be to retain the activity while phonating.


Steven Fraser


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