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Singing Low Notes

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I am trying out for my state's All-State Chorus. Last year I auditioned on the Alto part, and missed it by one point. This year I am singing Higher Tenor because I can sing the audition piece easily. The problem is, I have to sing the F Major scale, and I can barely get that low (F3). For the Minor scale, I have to get even lower. It's to late to change my part, but I really need to get into All-State this year. Does anybody have any tips on how I can work on, and sing, those notes?

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Hi, PJS299.  Great question.

The coordination for those notes needs to retain the twang,sometimes called forward focus, in order to connect the familiar range to these lower notes.  One way to get there is to use the vocal fry softly as you descend toward the area.  5-note scales (so, fa, mi, re, do) on /A (as in cat,) done a little blatty (and definitely not pretty) are helpful.

It may also help to think of this as 'speaking on pitch'.  THat is another way to provoke the buzzy production typical of the range.

I hope this helps.

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