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how is this technique done?

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I suggest you start by making fun of Lous Armstrong. Also note that the feeling can be a bit like pulling the back of the tongue backwards into your throat, like your trying to swallow the back of the tongue. And raise your larynx slightly at the same time. Just experiment with it. I'd call this type of rasp "growl", which I don't consider to be 100% like "distortion" and "creaking", although they might sound similar to many people.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of growl but I like distortion and creaking a lot. I think growl always sounds a bit like a girl pretending to be "mean" when she really isn't. And if it's done by a guy (except Louis Armstrong, probably because he did it on such low notes), it usually sounds to me like a girl pretending to be mean :) Ok, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, since f.ex. B.B. King and Eric Clapton sometimes use it, but it still stands that I don't like growling as much as distortion (Steven Tyler, f.ex.) and creaking (Alice Cooper, f.ex.).

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