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Please Help! Loss of power!

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Hi there,

I am new here. I've been singing for a couple of months (i think it's been about 6months now), and I discovered some techniques along the way, now I am getting familiar with Brett Manning's Mastering Mix and some exercises from Seth Riggs of American Idol (use it only for warming up). I can hit the high notes, even mix.. but I lose alot of power when I do, and end up either pulling chest voice or losing total control of my voice. After sometime trying hard, I get muscle pain in my back, and in my abdomen area, when I try even harder even in my throat (but I learned not to try that hard as I MUST be doing some thing wrong)

This is an attempt at Bon Jovi's Always (Sorry for the bad recording quality):


Please ignore the bad timings, and out of key parts (as I am fully aware of these)

This is another attempt at Guns N' Roses' My Michelle.. Sometimes I feel I'm doing great sometimes I feel loss of power, and try as hard as I can not to 'lose it' in order to stay in the head bridge somehow:


I would appreciate if I had some advice on my matter, and how to improve, I know the singing is no good, thats why I need help on this matter. What do you think I'm doing wrong? I try to start my head voice from a lower range sometimes but it sounds to 'girly', and not natural, even with the twang, so sometimes I need to pull a bit my chest voice to get to my head voice. I really lose control in my mix, and sound weak! (And feel weak). :(

Thanks in advance :)

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