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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum here ...

I took my first vocal lesson around August last year ... I went on for about 3-4 lessons, but then had to quit because of school. I'm trying to figure out a way to keep learning though. The two songs that I got while taking lesson were "The Water is Wide" and "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" ...

Any tips would be nice as to how to continue on my own.

One little thing that is annoying and something that I struggle with is singing in a lower octave while someone else is singing in a higher octave. My voice can't seem to make it to the right note immediately :rolleyes:


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Heya, new here too but I'll throw some ideas out anyhow ...

- Read as much as you can! Research is key I think as sooner or later you'll find a method that just clicks with you and starts ringing bells like 'oh so thats what its called' and so on. One word of warning though, try to link your research to a respected name as there's a lot of out-of-date and quite frankly harmful free advice out there. Check out the youtube channels of teachers linked to this site like Mr Lunte & Mr Vendera etc. The fact you're here is a good start methinks.

- Record your voice and keep a workbook or journal. The latter is up to you but I've always found writing things out helps the memory and it also helps you track progress. Recording your voice is such a useful tool as much of learning to sing is experimenting with resonance which often sounds vastly different 'outside' to what you hear as you sing. You might record yourself and recoil in horror. Dont sweat it, we've all been there. With dedication you'll soon find yourself pleasantly surprised.

- Make sure you have access to an instrument to get starting pitches for vocal scales. Pitch pipes, keyboards and even recorded scales on CD will do. Anything to get an accurate handle on pitch. This is vital as most voices have a breakpoint at a certain pitch that require specific techniques to work through.

- Remember, the voice you have now is not the whole story. In many ways us beginners have all the fun; with practice, dedication and good advice our singing will fly off into the unknown. I notice you use the word struggle. I'm just as guilty as I say as much myself. We gotta remind ourselves that learning is an end in itself in many ways so kick back and enjoy the ride.

Thats about where I am so I'll leave the technical stuff to others. Just tryin to share what got me organised and excited about singing.

G'luck and keep at it!

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