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Just had a lesson with Rob

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Hey Guys,

Just had my first Skype lesson with Rob and wanted to tell you how it went.

First, after a bit of a small talk))) Rob started me on the TVS onset configuration (tongue/jaw position, etc).

We worked on that for a while, then moved to twanging in my lower register to create an even blend bottom to top, which was surprisingly hard. What I'd noticed was that for me the "twang" would always "kick in" later in my range (around a G4#), which created a drastic tonal quality change compared to the lower notes.

So we worked on that.

The we moved to sirens and I went up to an Bb4 in a fairly strong connected head voice, yet, whenever i did a siren Rob would always tell me not to rush and slow it done, which did wonders for my voice. Rob also wanted me to lighten up, and, by doing so, I got even more resonance out of the notes. So, "less effort and more resonance" - great!!!

He then gave me specific instructions and told me the exercises I should be working on.

We are scheduled for next week and I'm really looking forward to it.

I encourage all of you to have a lesson with Rob and I'm sure it will be worth it.



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