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After watching the Seth Rigg's video that was posted a few days ago about breathing I decided to raid the boxes scattered in the roof and find the program again.

Or should I?

At times I found this program easy to use but I guess when I first started I expected results instantly.

I do know now from singing daily and using online videos, CVT etc that it can take time so I'm willing to put in the time and effort.

But the only thing stopping me from starting again is reiews and others opinions.

I do find SLS (Seth not Brett, hate singing success for some reason) a little easier than CVT book because I have a little more reference because of Seth talking you along.

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yes, the one thing you must come to terms with is that it does take time and patience. and i'd like to add a new element that singing well takes...experimentation (per your individual voice) and trial and error.

i think a lot of singers lose sight of that from time to time....especially new singers.

i say this regardless of the program. i currently use james lugo's program, but be prepared to work.....lol!!!!

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I'll repeat the dreaded "just do what it works for you".

If there was an ultimate program, then all the discussions wouldn't make sense. Whatever helps you and gets you the results is the best, take a little bit from everything.

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