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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Jimmy, I am impressed that you did a version of Phantom of the Opera...great job...By the way I am Part Greek and have been to Thessaloniki...I had a girl friend Maria Dika back in 1991 I think. She lived in the city and was studying to be an English teacher.

Anyways; about your music:

I noticed at 1:13 into the song you sing "My Power over you" Power if off pitch slightly... You I am sure can hear that; please let me know I you do not...

Also 1:29 I think you start the vibrato off nice; but it is too fast toward the end; you need to smooth that vibrato out and make it consistent.

I love the scream at the end.

Great job overall...I bet it would be fantastic live.

I listened to your sample tracks..I must say; you are very good. I like your accent speaking English; my critique would be to work on perfecting that a little more...It is incredible that you can sing English as well as you do. In the song "The Story Begins" it is evident..some places its great while in others it’s a little hard to hear the word.

I have a great friend Carlos Zema who is from Brazil; listen to him. Carlos has a strong accent too; but a great high range singer screamer...

What I like most about your voice it has character and feel. It sounds like you are using good breathing technique; but I wouldn’t know for sure how well you sing through a whole show. Do you have good endurance?

Great job man..Nice tone.



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