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trouble for me, is it trouble for you?

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hi folks,

i'm facing an issue here i wonder if you can help. i've been exercising the voice for 1 year or so now, but i realize it's been with heavier, more demanding kinds or exercises ala jaime vendera, james lugo, and roger kain....

now i see there are lighter exercises from programs like tev which i got a hold of, and when i do some of these exercises i feel analgous to a weightlifter who was told there are no 100 lb. dumbells...i feel like they're too easy and frankly like i'm not exercising anything just going through the motions.

again using the analogy of the weightlifter i feel like why bother if i'm not feeling it.

is this something you've experienced. don't misunderstand me, i warmup, but the kinds of exercises that these guys teach are pretty intense...tev's master class for mixed voice seemed too easy.

it's hard to exercise light when you feel like to might be wasting your time.

as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated..i'm trying to get in touch with my lighter side, if there is one.....lol!!!

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I'm not sure Bob if you mean light as in "Lower volume and more soft" or easy. :D Please clarify.

If you do mean it's feels too easy, then of course it is. Exercises aren't magical and shouldn't require any deep explanation, it's just notes done in a certain way.

If a teacher claims otherwise he/she is silly, they're not paid to be magicians.

EDIT: If you do mean lower volume and more softish sound, I would not fully agree with your weightlifter analogy. It's about different coordinations. Simply lowering the volume from your standard singing isn't guaranteed to give you the results you desire. That method only works for some.

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Feeling nothing, or very little could be a very good sign. When singers 'get it right', they often report, "but I didn't feel anything!". What they mean is that they feel no exertion or effort in the lips, jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders, upper ribs, or even just below the sternum - this is a good thing! If you check the abdominal muscles, middle and lower back in a good singer, you feel a lot going on. Sensations from shoulders upwards can be minimal, although we feel the resonant vibrations in the vocal tract.

You might be doing alright!


PS How about posting us a video and we can check out what you're talking about ....

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There's a very good chance it's easy cause you're doing it right! Do you like the sounds you are getting with the lighter exercises?

Also keep in mind Very soft sounds can be quite demanding. According to CVT, super soft sounds need some of the greatest amount of support of all. I'm guessing what you are calling light in relation to what you were doing is more speech level medium volume which should be the easiest area in terms of support. The CVT book has a diagram that shows the amount of support needed by volume and it's basically a big U from very soft to very loud.

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