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A Breakthrough - I hope encouragement to others

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Hi Everyone

just wanted to share something that happened tonight as for me it is a real breakthrough.

I have been following Roberts Course - the four pillars - and been spending about an hour to 2 hours a day for the past three weeks.

I have a song - that I wrote myself and is in fact the title track to my forthcoming CD. Its called "Don`t Say Goodbye" and in the pre chorus is a phrase "When you came around -and told me you thought that I would hurt you" the song goes into G above middle C (I think it is that G ) It is right in the middle of my passagio. Until recently I always pulled chest and sometimes got there sometimes didn't. it has been a source of great frustration for me

Anyway after three weeks of practising Set and Release, and Bridge and connect (as well as getting a handle on breath support) tonight I tried that phrase again. Only this time instead of forcing through, it was a natural progression and sounded almost perfect (to my ears anyway) with no force at all and I actually felt myself easing off instead of forcing though and bugger me (can I say that on here) there it was in all its glory

You have no idea how much something so small means to me. It was like winning the lottery and has given me great hope and a real drive and determination to improve my voice. I cant wait for my next practise session and find that instead of not really wanting to practise - I cant wait to get to it.

I cant give Robert all the credit as I also used a few exercises from Per Bristows "Singing with Freedom" but there is no doubt that everything is coming together slowly but surely and largely it is due to "Four Pillars"

My point in this (apart from to share my excitement) is to give hope to those of you who, like me, have struggled to find a way through. I would just say "Ease off, keep on practising gently and one day it will come" and when it does - enjoy that moment for all its worth - it really does make your heart sing

Best of luck to everyone from an inspired newbie and thanks to anyone and everyone who has offered advice (whether directly to me or via answers on the forums - I have taken note of what has been said)

Keep on Keeping on

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