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Centered Curbing help!

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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie to all the terms we use for singing methods and am getting a little confused as there are so many!

I've been searching around the forum for the last hour, trying to find out exactly what curbing is and how to center curbing..

Is it glottal compression?

If I give you a the facebook address to my bands page there's a lot of demos there of me..

Could you have a listen and tell me if I am curbing at all...

what exercises would you recommend for curbing??

One more thing I've been using Ken Tamplins videos and he does the "its the la" move to open up the throat into a yawning sensation, ok it now feels open..but if i try to sing like this I sound like bert and ernie from sesame street...haha.. ok

So, any tips would be great!! Thanks

Bert :D

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