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Upcoming Septoplasty, persistent pre-nodules from vocal trauma :(

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Arterias Mahmoud

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Hello all,

I'm brand new to this forum, but feel right at home. There's an excellent array of members here, and some real passion and expertise for the voice. I love it.

I could really use some help.

Browsing the existing topics, I've seen some similar articles, so maybe some of you could assist me...

***In just two days, I'm undergoing Septoplasty surgery after several years of chronic sinusitis, drainage, and general neck/laryngeal tension as a result of post-nasal drip, and excessive dryness from poor nasal filtration and breathing.

While I'm looking forward to a healthy improvement in all of these areas, the true motivation of this surgery is for the benefit of my singing voice, and my desire to eliminate any unnecessary sinus pressure that may be causing pre-nodules to persist unnecessarily.

While I have been told that a deviated septum, severe or otherwise, is not a likely (or even possible) cause of pre-nodules, my fear is that the sinusitis and associated problems are causing them to persist, or, if nothing else, are worsening the existing inflammation/damage that has been done over several years time.

This summer will mark about three years since I suffered some vocal trauma from singing excessively in the screamo genre, after two cross-state flights, and a terrible, terrible cold.

I know better now, but at the time, I was too immature to think twice about my vocal health. I pushed myself to extremes on a daily basis.

***Fast forward three years, and after a years worth of visits to the ENT, two very tiny white spots still persist on my vocal cords.

I have suffered from just about every singer's curse possible...deviated septum, allergies, severe reflux, awful TMJ, and constant neck/shoulder tension.

I am a vocal performance major currently, and have done away almost entirely with my abrasive vocal habits. Well, let's be honest, I've definitely cut back.


My question is as follows:

Does anyone know of the connection between a deviated septum, and the potential for either unbalanced air pressure, or other bad contributions to vocal inflammation?

I'm spinning my wheels trying to reach a state of vocal health, without the sensation of burning, throbbing, reduction in range, etc. etc. (all the curses that come along with pre-nodes/nodules, reflux, vocal fatigue, etc.)


And for those who have either had nodules, OR a successful (or unsuccessful) septoplasty surgery, can you offer any words of wisdom on recovery?

I could sure use some hope right about now. Singing is my everything. I've known that for years, and I don't want to blow my chance with poor decisions.

Thanks a million in advance, and I'm looking forward to networking with the rest of the TMV vocalists!


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