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Singing longer phrases


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Hey guys/girs,

I learned a lot about proper support lately, I'm now using my diaphragm, I can sing without hurting my voice, so far it feels great... :) I was mostly singing from my throat before...

I still have this problem that I'm not quite sure how to approach longer phrases. So how do you approach longer phrases, what do you do to not loose air too soon?

I guess that for longer phrases/sentences you don't want to inhale more air, cause that will usually blow out your voice, you will oversupport it, it's more like yelling then singing when I do that for me... so I guess inhaling more air is not the solution... so what do you do when you have longer phrase to sing? Any tips or examples would be great! ;)

Tnx ;)

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i know a beauty to help develop that aspect.

exercise keeping your core (below the diaphragm, abs, back) from collapsing.

inhale, sing a repeated 5-note scale rather quickly on "ee' over and over while resisting the core from caving in...hold out the core. you want to resist.

don't pay too much attention to this sipping thing, that's unique to this teacher.


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