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What Vocaltutor Teachers Want to know... Can you help?

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To help Vocaltutor get further information on the subjects we have been discussing I have added my list to the modern vocalist vocaltutor page. see the link above.

It’s a great way for us to discuss them in more detail, and also open up the questions to the singing teacher community.

There are many experts on the Modern Vocalist who can assist with the questions.

Here is the list I have added………..

1. The mix

2. dealing with nerves and cultivating a stage presence

3. 'over the years I’ve been to a number of singing workshops and worked with a number of teachers, and my 'support' in singing seems to come instinctively. However, I find the material out there for explaining support to other students is often contradictory, and I feel it would be useful to have a section on support in the guide, from a Vocal Tutor perspective. I came across this on one of my website searches, if this is of interest? http://www.paulmason.com/Support.html - Tara Bennet. '

4. Children’s vocal exercises – a fun cd for younger children.

5. More on articulation including anatomy and what exercises develop which muscles etc, and more exercises on cd to use with student

6. Tuning – ear training – I have been fairly lucky to not have had too many students, which very poor pitching issues, but Lisa advised me she does come across it a lot. I am aware of some downloadable software that a singer can set up on their pc and sing into a microphone. The software will then advise the singer the pitch of the note and how far away they are from the note if not correct. It also includes a series of valuable pitching and ear training exercises. I will find more information on this and add it to the tutor resources area asap.

7. Belt singing – I am currently researching belt technique, including sls, Estill and a number of other techniques, so I can write and produce a belt singing cd, of warm ups and development exercises. It will also look into

o what is belt

o why do we need it,

o what genres require this style or rather form of performance

8. Grades – I am interested to find which of you offer what grades, and we can see which overall work well for our students, and which don’t. My main worry with all examinations, is that often due to time constraints tutors teach the student to pass the exam and not necessarily the skills they need to become a professional singer.

Feel free to use the link above to discuss the subjects further, when you get a spare moment, it will help me get the answers we need. Please do join the Modern Vocalist if you wish to. I have found it extremely valuable. It is a great networking tool, and has great articles, and training video’s available.


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