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Is this head or mixed voice?


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To strengthen a note, there is twang, and there is a work on resonnance. Both are about shaping the vocal tract a certain way.

Twang is narrowing the epilaryngeal area, the resonnance thing is about going for the optimal shade of each vowel at each pitch, and where to place the resonnance in the vocal tract (gradually moving from the mouth to behind the soft palate).

I can be wrong (as always) but I hear a distinct flip so I think it's a falsetto tone with good adduction. I hear nothing else wrong with it, though, working a bit on this area to eliminate the break would make it good in my opinion.

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This is a clip of me singing a note. Is it head voice or mixed voice?

Also, how can I strengthen this note?



you are phonating in you're head register.

are you supporting the breath to the end?

is the tone focused in the palate?

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