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Josh doing another Kotzen "High" lol

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Hi guys,

Here's a new attempt of me trying to catch this amazing kotzen tone. The song is called High, it's just my voice and my guitar (not really good playing here lol) sitting in front of a mic...

The good news is that i think i'm making progress, but i think my tone is too shouty, better than before but too much bad pressure... Anyway it was the first time i try to sing this one, so don't think i nailed it lol ;-). Remember it's a tough song lol

This song is as always in middle/high voice, at then end there's a high C#5. The last part contains B on the word "high" that is for me really difficult.

So i'm looking for advices this time mainly on support, because, i think it's my weakest point.

And don't expect a perfect copy of the singing, that's not what i'm looking for ;-).

As usual: Richie Kotzen version:



Thanxs in advance fellas

ps: i'm really thinking about creating a Kotzen topic here, this way everyone interrested (seems i'm not the only one) in that kind of singing could participate and post more freely

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i'm really thinking about creating a Kotzen topic here

Go ahead. I did sth like that with A. Lambert.

When you sing ex 2.38 until everythin is gone... is seems like you are forcing to much, but it doesnt sound bad, IMO you should attack this phrases more freely.

Anyway, I really like your version, you ve got artist personality, nice voice, enjoyable tone. Im for yes!

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I really liked your cover and think you are getting very close to his sound. Also thanks for turning me on to him. I too like this kind of stuff.

My first impressions of what he's doing;

It sounds like he uses an overall light easy registration with a lot of rasp. He has a lot of flexibility in his mid voice range that he hangs around in a lot. Since he is keeping his registration on the light side, he also has it balanced out well with a lighter breath air flow and can manipulate that balance quite easily to throw in those raspy tones at will.

Then again i might have it totally wrong and change my mind as I hear more of his singing. But yeah, by all means make a Kotzen topic. He has a very appealing tone and style.

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Honestly, I didn't even listen to the original. For two reasons. First, to give your voice an honest listen as a performance unclouded by any other. Second, I couldn't give a flying act of fornication whether you sound like him or not. I just wanted your performance to move me. And it did. Nice, easy-going rasp. Excellent american accent, and I mean that as a great compliment, knowing that you are not american and English is not your first language.

It made me think of Tesla with better diction, better vocal tone, just better singing, altogether.

Well done. You need to release this, even as a cover, just like it is.

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Ha, I was just thinking - wow this is really good, when I realised I was listening to the original.

So then I turned on to your copy, and hell yeah! That's bloody good too.

Can't help with support there - I think if you have identified where it is an issue you sound skilled enough to fix it yourself.

Plus support while playing a guitar....WTF! I know nothing!

My only constructive critisism is that in places I couldn't understand the words.

But that happens heaps with released music, too, so, no biggy.

Well done, very excellent.

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