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Unique Non-Surgical Voice Repair/Professional Help

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Vocal Workshop - Get introduced to Vocal Scienceâ„¢ Method at its best. Resonable rates

Vocalists - Get signed with prominent UK management and obtain a record deal

Intensive Voice Training - Learn how to sing better in 5 days with our trademarked vocal program

Non-Surgical Voice Repair - Holistic cure for vocal problems Significant improvement in 4-5 days

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Diana Yampolsky and I am a Toronto based Non-Surgical Voice Repair specialist.

I fix already broken voices and do it in a non-surgical fashion.

In the past and present I've trained quite a few singers who are well known today.

(Please refer to my website www.vocalscience.com).

By employing my revolutionary and innovative vocal technique,

known under "Vocal Science ™" I saved and "amplified" a lot of artists' voices.

I assured the artists, their managers and producers that the artists' voices would last for a lifetime,

that they will be vocally, emotionally and physically fit for those upcoming, nasty tours and what not,

as well as the artists would comply with the standards of professional singing and performing.

Also, during their live performances they would definitely resemble at least 95% of the quality of their recordings.

On the contrary, if there is an upcoming recording session, the artist will be able to get through the session with ease,

without voice loss and without excessive use of auto tune, melodine, and overall digitizing.

Their recorded songs will sound warm, natural and authentic and will save every party involved time, money and aggravation.

Address: 648 Finch Ave E Unit 9, Toronto, Canada M2K 2E6

Contact: The Royans Professional Vocal School 416-229-0976

Email: info@vocalscience.com

Blog: http://vocalscience.blogspot.com/

Web: www.vocalscience.com


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