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Voice Summit for Vocal Coaches/Teachers?

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I'd like to propose the idea of an audio Skype "Voice Summit" for voice coaches/teachers who are members of this forum.

There are so many terminologies being used that it has seemed to me that there is undo confusion happening that might be avoided.

I believe that vocal coaches/teachers need to work cohesively to build the best possible bank of resources for the people who look to us for help and are trying to wade through the confusion.

It seems to me that we could hold a series of "Voice Summits" using Skype audio conference calls (or something better) to come up with a powerful consensus for the sake of singers who use this forum.

What do you think? I'd like to hear from as many people as possible.

Please give your ideas, suggestions about the following:

1. First, state whether you are a teacher/coach or aspiring singing/student

2. Biggest confusion you'd like to see addressed?

3. Fastest and most efficient way to plan and coordinate the Summit?

4. How to find someone on this forum who has the electronic tech expertise to facilitate the Summit from an internet tech point of view?

5. Other ideas?

The people who are not professional teachers or coaches should have input into what they'd like to see covered in the Summit, so I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.

There you have it! :)


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This is a great idea... I want to get back to this... we actually have a producer and are already producing our own audio interviews. What you are proposing is what we would call a "round table" discussion... the facilities and producers are already in place to do this.

Contact Paul Crick and discuss it with him and i will fully support you , we can even run an email blast from the main site to bring people in.


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1. singer or student

Just a singer, but always learning.

2. Biggest confusion you'd like to see addressed?

Terminology, sure. But I would like a simpler model of how the larynx works, with an easy explanation of the CT and the TA muscles and how they balance in a trained singer, and not in most people's speaking voice.

3. Most efficient way to organize a summit?

I guess email is the best. I don't have the set-up for Skype. Which wouldn't stop me from reading transcripts, if such were made. However, I think Lunte's moderator has some skill in the tech dept.

4. How to find someone with the internet savvy to accomplish this?

See number 3.

5. Other ideas?

The more we concentrate on basics, the better. And maybe this goes back to the confusion question but really, breath management (rather than the word support) should be adequately defined and described. In my humble opinion, without the right breath, you have nothing.

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I would propose a slight variation on this. I think that some of the main terminology confusions and differences in schools of thought arise from a) teachers / singers aiming for quite different aesthetic goals, B) the differences between what is required of a singer working with a microphone and therefore enhanced electronic amplification and engineering of timbre, and what is required of a singer who has no microphone and has to generate all the volume and tone themselves (I like working with both, but the physical requirements and setups are quite different).

I am not sure a live webinar would be any clearer than the written forums we currently use. Too many voices would want to be heard in real time!

I would find it really interesting if teachers recorded video lectures (or maybe TMV could host a series that could be watched real time, and also watched afterwards depending on time differences across the globe). Then the teacher could demonstrate sounds, linked to visual information on what they looked like when doing singing in different ways, and also showing clearly to what extent a microphone was integral to the technique or not.

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