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Pink (Aerosmith)

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The reason why I'm trying to get this song is that a friend of mine requested me to cover it. I think she's crazy for asking this, but that's not the point.

Recorded in my bathroom, as it was the only room left without anybody in.

My biggest gripe with this song is the very first scream (what note can it be, really Oo ?). It sits right there, kinda out of my range, but I sometimes can get it, it's frustrating. If you've got an idea, I'd love to hear it. Another thing is all those ' p 's everywhere, I've tried to not have them pop, but couldn't have them all.

Sometimes my voice seems to be kind of on the verge of switching to another means of production (or in another words, breaking), but it's been more and more stable, so I guess practice will make it just free. There should be less overloaded mic, as I've been putting SH and rowns advice into practice. The timing problems seem to have mostly vanished, but maybe this song is just easy in this regards.

You're allowed to cringe :)

Pink (Aerosmith) :

Pink (cover) : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14571174/Pink%20%28Aerosmith%20cover%29.mp3

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Nice, full high note at about 2:54. You can do that some more. I like the humor in the lyrics of this. "Pink ... it's like red but not quite ..." Anyway, it was as you said. You are able to handle pretty much most of this song. And that is quite an accomplishment. To sing in the range of Steven Tyler, to begin with, is a feat. And singing in your own voice makes it personal, too. A few slides here and there but I think they can be allowed, as Steven also does a lot of slides in his stuff (kind of a signature sound, really.)

And, again, you have an even quality to your tone, through out your range. Some guys seem to have two voices but you have one. Which is good.

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This is great, Ron. I love it.

Believe it or not, I cover this song with my lounge-jazz/blues acoustic duo (haha, yes really!) so I know it really well, and it's actually a track I really like. But I totally agree with ronws - singing in Steve Tyler's range is really tough-going and to do it without imitating his style is a really great achievement.

You sound comfortable, and so the only comment I will make is you could have put even more of your stamp on it - ad libs, slight melody re-interpretations etc, but thats just nit-picking.

Great job!

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