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Blues-Rock-Soul Souding ( placement, twang, growl...) Any tips?

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Hi everyone here,

First let me say thanxs for all the work done on the forum and the site, totally amazing amount of informations and great people.

I worked on many programs, SLS, Raise Your voice, James Lugo, some lessons in France, yes i'm french lol ( Methode de la paille de La Breteque), and some Classical Lessons ( bel canto oriented ).

All of those were really great but as i am a rock-hard-funk-blues-soul guitar player ( professionally) i want to achieve a certain type of sound with my singing. By this i mean more "black" oriented à la James morrison , Richie Kotzen or Glenn Hughes. To be more precise here is some examples and then the questions :

Richie Kotzen: Stoned ( he wrote it for a glenn hugues album ;-) )

Some here would say, where is the soul sounding, but for me it's the kind of tone i want to achieve.Especially the tone on the high notes on the chorus ( This time i.....) and the bridge. it's an old video ( about 10 years ago)


Same video but souding really what i call black souding, especially in the bridge (start at 1:46) a little stevie wonder thing.

About is rocky balboa mouth, i know he had a nodules surgery and took some lessons, it may be the reason...

James Morrison: You give me something ( acoustic)

Glenn Hughes: Soulmover. The typical of what mean "twang" to me ( maybe i'm wrong) on the words like " around, along". Anastacia got that sound too.

Now the question:

All of what i studied was great but none of the methods were talking about the styles i like, all the teachers i saw were trying to make my voice very clean and not raspy (?), and that's not a natural thing to me, i 've never had a natural clean voice (but i'm not Rod Stewart lol)

I worked on my voice ( can be a lot lot lot better ) but i just realized that now it's time for me to work on the sound of my voice and not just on passagios etc...( even i f i would continue to do it ;) )

I want to make something i like with my voice. I think it's the case of most of us. But i saw many things for metal screamers, classical souding but found nothing really usefull for what i want ( or i may have misunderstood what i read.). I just found one thing on youtube, where a teacher talk about doing a " duck exercice" for the anastacia sound, but it was not really a complete thing.

So if some people here are interrested in talking about that or help me to reach my goals with some exercices i think it could be a really interresting thing.

Thanxs for reading my poor english and see you soon


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The main goal of the education your teachers are giving you is to get like a safezone. A clean tone means that your voice is in balance. From there you can add colors and effects. Then you're in control, and have alot of options. If you're not in control and your voices choses for you, you'll only have maybe one effect, and can't do the other because you don't start from your center.

Now that being said I understand where you are going w this. Best thing for you would be to work with a style coach on those matters. Another option could be to ring a CVT coach, they are 60e/h and work on the specific problem you wanna tackle. For example how do I make a raspy tone, how do I get a more bleusy kind of tone, etc... They teach all kind of vocal production so...

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Hi Joshua,

Do you have any examples of yourself singing? It'd be easier to help if I could hear what you do :-) Loving the vocals above, by the way - great voices! You're right about the Glenn Hughes twang on those words - it's related to the vowel sound (always easier to twang on those vowels). Hoping to hear you soon!

Best regards,


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