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Darkening the head voice


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Morning peeps. :D

Firstly I cant find the definition of the term darkening the sound, can someone explain this? Is it making the note sound deeper??

Plus how would you darken the head voice to make it sound like a high chest belt, what techniques would you employ??



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  • Administrator

No, it doesnt mean deeper in pitch, it means accenting overtones or frequencies that make the voice sound darker. To make your head voice sound "darker" you need to first, successfully bridge to the head voice without inducing any constriction or breaking your sound column... then you need to train your voice to be able to execute and hold a very powerful formant, characterized by activation of the following intrinsic anchoring components:

- pressing the tongue against the back of the bottom teeth.

- Phonating through darker vowels.

- dropping the jaw.

- biting into your sound.

- engaging adequate compression of the AES to induce twang

and most importantly...

- lowering of the larynx

ALL, very hard to get coordinated and do, but you can learn how.

I would be more then happy to teach you how if you like and can pretty much guarantee you success.

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Ah, thanks Rob..

So darker as is more, metal or more (for the want of a better word) evil sounding.. Or am I way off again, if I'm wrong do you have an example of a darkened head voice you could link me to?

I would love to get your program and to come to your seminars after seeing your very informative videos on youtube, I'll take a look at your website.. Thanks! :cool:

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