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When is your vocal full gear time?

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I heard that in the 16 or 17 century, the classical vocal school started the vocal training class in the very early morning(about 6 a.m). It seems a hard work for me if I were the student there.

If we don't mention about the high notes then its OK. I think that is not a big deal. But how about the tenors?

My personal full gear time is about 16:00 p.m if I wake up at 8:00 a.m. And before the full gear I need to warm up with the siren exercise and the musical scale exercises.

So if I need to rehearsal at 1:00 p.m ,then I need to wake up more early, and do more warm ups. If not, then its very easy to crash with high notes.

OK firstly my situation is that, I have a metal band, the power metal band. So our songs need to sing high notes between middle G to high F. So that is a special high notes situation. So I need my full gear time to run those songs.

But 8 hours are too long to me(8am to 16 pm) to the full gear. If I am the 16 century classical vocal school student, I will be dead! How can I sing high C freely at early morning!?

I don't know, is it common to every body of 8 hours to full gear?

And I cannot shorten 8 hours to 4 or 5 hours with more warm ups. More warm ups doesn't work to me. I still need more than 6 hours.

A classical teacher told me that he always tell his student that their goal is to have the ability to sing high C freely when they wake up.

I have no idea how they can do it!

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i think it depends what you call a vocal training class. in the past they took a lot of time to perfect the voice. it wasnt unheard of for singers to just work on vowel production for a very long amount of time amongst many other things before they ever even sung a song. so for them a singing lesson might have just consisted of going through the E vowel. not real full out or full gear stuff. even when more experienced i dont think they would go full out at the begging of the day. it would be a building up process.

i guess every one is different and even then it can change from day to day. i can if i have to get going about two hours after waking up but really i prefer about four. for me its all about warming up properly.

its also worth mentioning that getting a good amount of sleep is important. if you have 3 hours sleep its probably going to take a lot longer to get going :P

yes i might be able to hit a high C first thing in the morning but its going to sound much better and full gear four hours later when im properly warmed up.

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