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Breath Support - This guy sings an Ab in full voice for 30 seconds

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Is this because of breath support, breath management, or a naturally gifted high speaking voice that makes an Ab above middle C easy for him?

What do you guys think?

mpropelus: Yes. Did you notice that he is singing all 4 parts of the quartet arrangement, and the part he is singing, the 'lead' part, is the 2nd highest? His voice is also steady as a rock, and his intonation is highly accurate.

This is a trained singer.

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A great example of glottal compression. Steven - wouldn't this be increasing the ratio of Closed phase to Open phase?

guitartrek: I don't have anything to compare it to, other than the other voice parts. Those are a little lighter. IMO, posture is good, and he is managing the breath and singing the optimal vowel with some twang... the best combination you can get for sustaining a tone.

If you listen to the tone quality, its not heavy, though. His is a lyric voice, and he is not singing particularly loudly, just well and really clearly.

For those interested in such things, His lead Ab is the 5th of the chord, Ab 4, and the tenor (highest part) is on the F5 :-)

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Great responses! Thanks!

One thing that I've recently noticed as well is on the onset of the Ab, I thought he won't make it last long because the note sounds like a strained note. But after a few seconds he tweaks it and it sounded steady. Is this process a change in vocal mode (CVT people?) or shift in the balance of registers?

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