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Vocal mode?


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Is this curbing? Overdrive? Neutral? I know it's not centered.

I was listening to a snippet of some behind the scenes making of a mixtape by my favourite R&B singer Chris Brown, and stumbled upon this short area that I thought I would attempt to sing.

I sang it and very little strain and thought it to be around my problem area of progression in my singin, being above E4.

Now when I opened up a virtual keyboard on the internet and keyed in what notes i thought he hit and what I hit, the highest note at F4.

May not sound like a great accomplish meant but this area has given me trouble for awhile.


"No" is the word I think to be at F4. Like I said not a great accomplishment but I've been struggling with the passaggio, mix, curbing, whatever you want to call it area for a while and I found this a great deal of progression.



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First clip was a great example of curbing, IMO. I'd say that was the light version of curbing as curbing can be made to sound louder and more powerful and resonant. It sounded great, man. Congrats!

Second clip was also curbing - this time more powerful, but still pretty centered as before and also sounded perfect, especially if you say it didn't hurt your throat.

Third clip was also very good, but you MAY have overdone the hold/cry/cord compression and modified the vowel slightly too much towards Ee. However, sometimes when you're singing lyrics that are about an extreme amount of pain, you have to put in more hold/cry/cord compression. And the louder you sing this, the further away from a pure Ee you have to get.

Cool stuff, man!

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Haha WOW it doesn't seem like a huge step, but I guess it's one small step in my range, but one giant leap for me.

I'm going to keep practicing on working my way up into head voice. Singing that line was really comfortable.

Yeah the last clip was slightly squeezed, I'll try and modify the vowel as much as I can.

Now to work my way up slowly and also try to darken the vowels maybe.

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