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Keeping microphone in hand

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I usually sing using the natural response of the microphones, avoiding to keep them by capsule grill.

If I do it with many of them usually begin to have feedback resonance.

However I see a lot of singer after 90's using a techinque keeping the microphone from the capsule grille and singing in the small place between first two fingers closed forming a circle over the head of the microphone.

Which kind of techinque it is.. what sounds allow to have... whate are the advantages (in terms of what you can do with it...) and what you have to care of to avoid feedbacks?

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Any cupping of the mic will cause increased proximity effect, which will basically make your sound deader and a lot boomier. Singers generally choose comfort over good mic holding technique and let the sound guy figure out how to get a good sound with bad mic technique. In the studio it's better to just put the mic on a stand.

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