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I sound like I hab a cold

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I posted this clip in the review section already, but I'm just starting to learn vocals (coming from woodwind instruments) so bear with me. My voice almost always sounds stuffy, like I have a cold (Quinn Fabray from Glee?).

This translates into my singing (forgive the off-pitch):


Two questions are:

1) Is the stuffy voice something unique, or is it an undesirable quality the way it is now. Im biased so I couldn't tell.

2) I know I can't eliminate it...but how can I limit it where its not as noticeable.

Thanks folks.

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I haven't spotted your cold, but it's hard to hear you. (Listened again, and there is something indeed)

Anyway, sounding like you have your nose blocked is often the result of... Blocking your nose. If your nasal cavities are normal (for example, if one has broken her nose, it can block the air pathways, not a lot one can do apart from surgery), then the remedy is simple : let your soft palate drop a little, at least on the nasal consonants. You can become aware of it by gently humming an " mmmmmm " (mouth closed) and then changing this to a " b " (do not open your mouth). There is only one thing changing here, and it is your soft palate drops for m and raises for b, to the point of closing the nasal pathways entirely. Other people here might provide different answers.

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You're not on the breath.. I'd suspect you have a soft speaking voice.. you need to fix that... imagine... a theater production... or... I think of Jon Luc Picard (sic) from star trek.. lol.. the way he speaks... 'it's RESONANT'... that will eliminate a lot of the problems you're having...

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diagnostic: send us you singing a medium volume "ah" in the middle of your range held out for 15 seconds.


If you're still on this thread, I am having a similar problem to the person who started this thread. Can I send you the "ah" from your last post?



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