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*Truly* underrated singers...

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You're probably thinking of Lenny Wolf. He was in Stone Fury, and later joined Kingdom Come who released the very Kashmir-ish "Get it On". (he was never in Great White, though. Jack was.)

A lot of people frowned upon it, of course, but Lenny was (and still is) a great singer.

Their second single I liked a lot. At the 3:29 mark, they close the song out in one hell of a dramatic and intense fashion.

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I know you guys have mentioned Jack Black already but I think he is real good ;)

Watch an A4 at 2:56 and a run that follows

Pretty impressive. And it's live too.

Blessings on you, Popvlad. All hail Tenacious D.

And for members here who have note seen "Pick of Destiny," you have not lived.

And for thos who don't know or are not sure, yes that is Michael Aday more commonly known as Meatloaf, a fellow Texan, playing young Jables' dad. And yes, that is the saint of heavy metal, St. Dio appearing as a cameo. Though Dio might curse me for granting him sainthood as he found himself at odds with his catholic upbringing.

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Okay, I'm really going to seem old here,LOL. But one of my singing idols, particularly among lyric baritones, is John Gary. Amazing range and control among the pop crooners of the time, with a little flutter vibrato. He even held the world's record for holding his breath underwater at one time (12 minutes, I think). Never really a huge star, even though he had a TV show for a while. Whenever I do a slow, melodic, crooning style tune onstage, this is the guy I aspire to emulate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdJEhTB43tw

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In the AOR business, that is not considered mainstream, there are many great singers. Someone mentioned Jeff Scott Soto, he is one of my favourite singers as well. Here are some others:

Oliver Hartmann.

James Christian ( I love his raspy voice).


Toby Hitchcock (vicious pipes)


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