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this song is a good test...lol!!!


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hi folks,

ever do a song that seems easy until you go to try it? most times you can pretty well tell in advance if a song is going to be a tough one.

well i tried this last night and boy you really have to have your ducks in a row to pull this off well.

if you can't adduct the folds up high, you'll run out of breath. falsetto won't cut it.

if you don't apply twang, the notes won't project and ring.

if you don't manage your breath, especially when the song notes hop, you'll surely weaken towards the end.

this song could definitely be considered a good test of light fold adduction, and breath management.

can you guess the song? it's an old lou christie tune, and it's not "lightening striking."

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Just try "rust" of Richie kotzen. You ll feel exactly the same thing lol

josh, i love this guy's voice as much you do!! i just listened to him speak before he sang....he has a deep speaking voice but what a technique he's developed....

here's the song i was referring to in the previous post

...maybe you guys are too young to know it....lol!!!!

for those folks just starting out, if you ever needed a concrete example of a lightly adducted head voice with twang, this is one. this is not falsetto....

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That does bring back some memories. And of similar sounds, like Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. And then, Franki changed his sound a little bit and modernized in time to get a synchro license with move that did quite well.

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