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Heaven and Hell - bare


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I know I have worn this one quite thin but it is a benchmark song for me.

(shoot, they all are, come to think of it.)

Anyway, trying something different.

Please excuse the guitar going out of tune during recording. (That's the only excuse I will ever make.) I gave the new strings a few days to flex and adjust but they are still flexing and so, I just can't stop in the middle of a live recording and re-tune. I am a die-hard live performer.

This is the one and only take of this song. No effects. No eq, no compressor post-recording. No delay or reverb. I overload the mic from 2 feet away (and don't care. $%&^ happens.)

Advantages; I just got out of the shower, so, the steam probably had me well hydrated, in addition to drinking liquids all day, which I do, every day. I am never without water or a soda. Well rested, on my day off.

One last secret, which I may reveal, later.


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