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I got back my softmix but my chestvoice is breathy!


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Hi everybody!

I've been to a new singing teacher to find out what vocal techniques are missing in my voce.

I sang the song "Lovin' you" by Minnie Riperton and she said I have a beautiful Soft mix. This is also the most comfortable way for me to sing.. Those kind of songs!!!

Than I showed her the song "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson, and there my Soft mix is not the only thing that I should use, but also more of my Chest voice and Heavy mix.

As I go lower in pitch, the more it gets breathy and there's no power at all. It's as if the voice is more gone the lower I go. I guess my chest voice is gone!

I have no problems in humming downwards to a D3 or C3, but I think I can't sing Chest voice without constriction to make it sound LOUD and squeezed.

And for my heavy mix is nothing she could really help with me. (I got disappointed). But I'll be working on it a little bit later.

I wonder if you have any idea for what I can atleeast improve my chest voice to get a little bit more "punchier" and connected into my soft mix?

Hope you can help me.


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Ok so here we go.

I recorded two clips.. one is where I like my current singing technique in the song, the other I can't utter the right sound I want..

Fly me to the moon http://soundcloud.com/cvocalist/fly-me-to-the-moon (here i feel it's comfortable to sing, and this is the only way I can actually sing and be confident to perform)

Angel (Leona lewis-song) http://soundcloud.com/cvocalist/angel-leona-lewis (I don't like it and it sounds mega quiet and I would not be able to perform it)

Lovin' you is also a song that I can sing like with fly me too the moon and also at some parts more breathy which I extremely like... but I miss the punch in my voice.. to be able to sing more pop and R&B songs like i.e. Leona Lewis does.


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Btw I don't really sing the songs too good I could sing them with more emotions. :)

ah, stop it...lol!!!! you sound wonderful....the second one you want a little more punchy sounding...well, you've come to the right place because lou gramm (foreigner) stuff has me bouncing my stomach all over the place lol!!!!

one the best ways i have found to get that punch, is to do that breathing exercise where you release a strong "ha" "ha" "ha" to make your whole bottom (abs., etc., pulse) sing a very comfortable note over and over to a strong, statacco "ha" (don't engage the throat)....stay relaxed and open up the back of the throat.

each week increase the speed at which you sing "ha"

next is try to strenghthen your laryngal tilt (the cry)

here's a video (i finally found) to show you...i'm specifically reffering to the "laugh" exercise


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addemum to post #5 (previous post)

it's important to differentiate between a punch and a blast. for a good strong punch, kick, you really need to take it with the lower muscles and restrict the air or you'll blow too much air out too violently and blow the note. it's tricky...

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