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Too strained in high curbing, how to fix without loosing the adduction

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I have been practising high curbing (which i think it is), with a hold, a compressed sound. The problem is its sounds strained and choked. My support is fine i think. Sometimes i am pushing too much but today i practised to have a relaxed throat but either i get falsetto or i crack if i let go of the hold. I send you two links.



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I have heard many singers with identical sounding. I call it unnatural sound, choked is good description too.

Notice that e.x. me have never sounded like that. What more, I can't hit notes like that.

So IMO the answer is HOLD, because I have always had it too little, you take it too much.

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i stick with all the classic.... time-tested exercises....scales, arpeggios, leaning (cry) exercises, messa de voce, nay, meow, gug, goog,

you really can't miss with these i.m.h.o..

work out 5-6 days a week, lots of water, sing...challenge yourself.

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