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Approaching the second bridge ?


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Hi folks,

Pleased to say I've reached an epiphany of sorts. When I started my journey last September I was convinced that higher pitches were simply out of reach, yet power is knowledge as some say and I've finally cracked the puzzle of the first bridge. Mine sits neatly on Eb and with a combination of attitude, focus, resonance and breathing its actually a fairly simple trick. The concept of bridging early has proven invaluable to me so with that in mind I ask - is there a second bridge configuration an octave above the passagio that can be negotiated by anticipating the change as we do with the first one ? or simply put - is there a second bridge ?

It certainly seems so to me as I think I've actually never made a decent noise above a high Eb (reckless pig squeals aside ;) ). I ask because the feelings I get above a soprano C are almost identical to those I had approaching the passagio before I had any clue about vocal technique, a sense of reaching a limit without knowing the trick to overcome it. It strikes me that it could just be a matter of support and strict covering to sustain tones above a high C but it certainly doesn't feel that way.

I've no great desire to sing much above a high C as I've already found the pitches lusted after for so long, but I've a curious mind and would love to know how it is done. The term 'whistle' register has cropped up a few times and I'm not keen on the sound to be honest but I wonder if this has something to do with it.

As always, any thoughts are welcome!

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