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Can someone tell me few words about this guy's technique?


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Ok, so this guy is singing very close to what I'm aiming for :) so can someone tell me few words about his technique...

Main question - if you listen to this song, can you find out where is his placement, does he sings into soft palate (which I think he does), or what? I can hear a lot of distortion in his voice, but it seams pretty easy for him to sing like that so he must be singing it from the diaphragm into the upper part of his voice (soft palate)... or I'm totally wrong :)

Thanks ;)

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These are twangy-belts with some distortion. Good singer, he has a good feeling.

Its possible he has had some training because he seems to be well intuitive on dropping jaw and biting into the sound which is so often neglected by singers, apart from the fact that he seems pretty loose and confident, another sign of training.

I would encourage you to not think so much about the diaphragm and soft palate... thats not really getting you to your answer... think about this in terms of vocal modes. Its all twangy-belts in the chest voice with a pinch of pushy distortion. There is no register bridging in this at all or any head tones, which some would argue is where the real hard stuff starts to happen. Singing like this is comparatively easy to "bridging & connecting" ideas.

Hope this helps...

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