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Finding a hold using this shaky tone - check this out! ;)

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Hey there,

I just found something that I think might be an additional way to establish a hold, and find curbing. Or at least I think I did, so let me know what you think...

So I was working on "establishing a hold", which I understood as slowing down the exhale, not pushing too much, but somehow slow it down, take it back, and not letting it blow out, but make it more slow and restrained and without pushing. Did I understood "the hold" good? Please let me know about this first!?

Now, while working on holding the breath, and slowing it down, I found an easy way to do it, and found out that many singers use this.

When you exhale, instead of shouting it out (which would probably take you to more metallic sound, or edge), you can sing it with a bit of shaky tone, not too shaky, but a bit shaky, and if you sing with that shaky sound it will prevent you from singing more metallic and louder and then you should in curbing.

To make myself more clear, here are few examples of singers who sing like what I explained almost all the time:

1) Kings of Leon - Radioactive


- as you can listen singer is using this shaky tone when he sings. If you add this shakyness to your voice it will usually prevent you from going too loud, and you will sing in curbing mode.

2) U2 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet

- Bono is using this shaky tone in many of U2 songs. I think he is the perfect example of this shaky tone as it's his trademark :)

I find out that singing like this helps me a lot. Can you try it, and see what it does for you?

So what do think about this? Can I use this shaky tone sensation while I sing to find curbing? IS THIS SHAKY TONE JUST ANOTHER WAY TO FIND A HOLD, or is there something else to it? Or it's something that only helps me and no one else lol :)

Let's discuss a little ;)


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