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Ok so yesterday my band had practice. After singing each of our songs, I began feeling this pressure/tension behind my neck. I usually feel this after singing a song but yesterday was horrible. The pain made me nauseous! I never stretch out my neck or anything and I wonder if that's the reason. I'm no vocal expert so any help would be appreciated!!


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Depends on who you ask. Some think it's okay to train muscle effort in the neck because it beats using that scary old head resonance thingy. Others, such as myself and some doctors think that any pain in the neck or throat is wrong and something needs to be changed.

Even if the pain was from something like a slipped disc rather than a singing problem, it will become a singing problem as the pain from whatever that is will introduce unwanted tension. perhaps you have a crick in your neck from sleeping with your head in the wrong position.

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Great stuff.

Io-lams oil is the best oil for every pain.

I also had used this oil when i had some pain in my neck and shoulders.

I think you should try to used this oil once, hope you will be get better result.

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