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Any suggestions on taking care of a hurt throat?

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hi everyone, i am a new singer trying to teach myself to sing. i am quite good in head voice while i do vocal exerices but the other day, i was trying out a bon jovi song and in my excitement i hit a high note but mistakenly i used my throat and got an instant pain in the throat. i know i should've practiced some more in the head voice but what to do, am just a kid :).

now my throat hurts a bit, and i am not singing or practicing for the last few days. now its a bit better, but do u have any suggestions what to do or how to care for my throat/voice after this kind of accident happens (i pray it doesnt happen again!)

thanks a lot!!


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Hi Fahim

You should always warm up first before going into head voice! Knowing the discussions we are having I think you are going to damage your throat if you don't get your basic in place first. In order to sing a good head voice you must have a strong lower resonance and register and then be able to bridge the passagio smoothly without strain or hurt to your vocal folds and throat. The vibrations you place these under in head voice need to be slowly built up.

Rest it only use low soft tones in the OOH & AHH part of the voice for now. Drink ginger tea and also gargle with sage tea as this soothes pain. You can take throat medications if you wish to. If you have any hoarseness or pain in another day or two check with a doctor that your throat is ok.

love Hilary :/

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Hi there from your friendly speech/voice therapist. Sorry I didn't read this this sooner but perhaps advice below will still be of some use.

It sounds like you may have pulled a muscle in your enthusiasm. The voice box is controlled by more than a dozen muscles, some inside & some outside, & even though most of them are tiny, they can be pulled/strained like any other!

I suspect these injuries in my patients when the problem is an achey-type pain in a specific area (rather than a raw, hot, spread-out, interior, sore-throat-type pain). You could get your cords looked at by a throat doctor to be on the safe side, but if it is a muscle pull they won't see anything wrong. And orthopedics/ physical therapists don't know anything about the larynx!

If my hunch is correct: treat it like any other muscle strain. -rest your voice as much as you can for a few days (this includes talking.)

-Take normal dose of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (aspirin, advil, etc), or white willow bark capsules if you prefer herbals.

-use alternating hot & cold compresses to the general area (2 washcloths, 2 bowls of water, one with ice & the other heated in micro. Put another towel around your chest & shoulders to catch the drips. Hold each washcloth to the area until heat/cold subside, then switch. do this for about 20 minutes twice a day.)

-be extra careful with neck positioning during your other activities (exercise, guitar-playing, whatever).

If you do all this & are NOT improved in a few days, see a throat MD for sure.

If you do feel better, ease back into gentle warmups. Then look for a TEACHER who can help you improve more safely!

& please check out my book for tons of other tips on preventative voice care/wellness!


good luck -



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OK you've hurt your throat, then the only way to mend it is to SHUT UP! :| honest just don't talk a word for 24hrs I got this from Malisa Cross and you know what ...... it works I did the same and it worked for me.

All i seem to read on here is you've done this wrong and that but nothing on how to heal the damage until i read Dr bob's comments which are spot on ...you get the brownie points (but going to see a what for a strained voice is a bit ott).

The guy has hurt his voice so don't try to hurt his head with all this sing this way and that, your all cool but you all seem to forget the plot.

Now for you to have done this well you were singing way to loud for your head voice so that volume knob in your head needs to be turned down a few notches, also try Malisa cross's DVD the zen of screaming 1 & 2 they cover more than screaming she's also on you tube.

so remember SHUT UP :/ to heal OK! and get a few 1 on 1 lessons to get you started then try the D.I.Y method

keep rocking :cool:

"The perfect voice sounds like a machine.... boring, it's the imperfections that make us human and sound exciting" Steve Tyler Aerosmith

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As the poster described, he's just a kid, and their healing powers are much better than adults.

My opinion--be quiet briefly. You've learned how to avoid certain methods, and it always helps to listen to professional speech therapists and singing instructors. I further suggest continue experimenting and discover your own vocal powers--if you make a mistake, you're young and will recover just fine. But discover your own skills and incorporate what the adults are advising you to do. Great singers express their individuality with their skills. Sound-a-like good singers express their singing skills without their individuality.

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