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In for a penny, in for a pound

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I've only just joined TMV and this forum, to help me develop my singing. So far I'm self taught, with the only external help being some of Kevin Richards youtube videos.

I'm keen to improve - I create music as a hobby, but currently mostly just my guitar playing!

So.. I thought why not try with a challenge, here's my take on "Heaven On Their Minds" from "Jesus Christ Superstar".


I've listened to many artists singing this: Carl Anderson, Murray Head, Jan Dulles, Zubin Varla, Patrik Martinsson. I'd love to work on my singing and get this good enough to keep company with those guys.

So.. any constructive critism is welcome. I'm not happy with it in a few ways myself, but I thought I'd see you all say before I own up to my own misgivings.

This was recorded in two takes. I added a touch of a touch of compression and reverb in the mix, but no auto tuning or EQ. I faded my vocal track out at the end to match the backing I've got.

So.. what should I work on? (other than just 'everything') ... and how. I only have a thin understanding of vocal technical terminology, but I can use google just fine.


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Dude, I was singing the entire opera, every part, back in the 90's. I would have to go low and slow to "fake" Caiaphas. I didn't hear anything wrong with this, To be butt-naked honest, I was singing along with you. And that, from me, is a compliment. I wasn't thinking about any technique or minutae or any other BS consideration. I was enjoying the performance. And I am old enough to remember when the movie came out.

So, I don't know what problem you think you had but chances are likely, your problems are psychological and you are not really hearing yourself. Because what I hear sounds right and totally fits the intent, the subtext.

Then, again, I'm just an ignorant electrician who has been listening to this music for half-past forever. A member of the music-buying public. What the hell do I know?

edited to add:

I was going to email you the link for my performance of "Gethsemane" but your email was not set up. Oh well.

I like what do did, anyway.

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Thanks guys.

ronws - my email is guitargeorge@inbox.com. I'd love to hear your gethsemane, I want to try it soon myself.

My own observations:

nasal / constrained sound in

0'50 talk of god is "true"

pronunciation or emphasis is off in

0'56 all the "good" you've done

1'12 don't like "what" I see.

1'41 "I remember" when this whole thing began

2'05 if they think you've "lied"

funny drop to the end of the note in

1'36 when they find your "wrong"

cutting words off short to breathe in during the light silly bit

2'18 suited just jesus "best"

I throw some of the short notes away:

2'35 how "put" down we are

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've worked on the problems I could hear before. Also I have sung the intro quite differently, with more 'support' (I think that's what I've done anyway). I also tried to get into the performance of it.

10 days on and here's another, I think better, attempt.

As before, all in one take. I added compression and reverb in the mix, but no auto tuning or EQ.

If anybody has any hints for improvement please shout up!

George :)

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Excellent dramatic presentation. I heard some note crashes, which is a term in this forum, thanks to jonpall, where the end of the word has a descent in the pitch. Mainly, it's caused by ending the note with an exhale of the rest of the air. I have always approached this song legatto, even though it is an almost spoken piece. I would compromise and say it is legato with speach like phrasing and pauses.

Great tone of voice. You sound much closer to Carl Anderson than I ever did. I clicked on your website and listened to quite a bit of your music. I liked "Living for the Weekend." Was that your guitar solo in there? Nice bit of noodling. And who is that singing on "Coming Home"? A nice artistic contrast to your voice.

You have one of those malleable voices. On one song, you sound something like Bruce Dickinson with a dash of Colin Hayes. On another one, and even this performance of "Heaven on their Minds," I hear a bit of Tom Jones in there. Granted, I know Jones is from Wales but then, again, maybe it's a northern UK thing. ;)

I think your support is good.

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good spot with the "note crashes", yes I definitely hear that problem. I'll work on it. I haven't heard the term before.

"Living for the weekend" isn't my guitar playing, but it is me singing, and pushing things fairly hard, in a silly way becoming the song... see the video!

"Coming Home", got to No 1 in the 'Independent Artists R+B chart' in late 2007 and stayed there for several weeks. I played guitar on it, and was very pround of it. The singer was an english woman who went by the moniker "Dirge K". We recorded the backing posthumously against her vocal track. She would have gone on to be great, had she lived.

Many thanks for listening and commenting :)


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