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I would study voice effects

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Someone knows about a book that illustrate the use of main vocal effects in music hystory to understand them better, as it is for guitarists?

Something that say:

Pink Floyd - Time : long reverberation, delay.. etc...

I know there are some courses and vocal coach that teach them..

But I would like to find something I can study at home with my times...

thank you...

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Hey nightfly68, I am curious whether you are asking about the guitar or the voice, I'm not quite sure.

Are you asking how to use a delay effect for a guitar, or to use it for the voice?

If you mean for guitar, I can help you out there since I used to play electric guitar constantly.

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I believe he's talking about the voice, but I'm unsure whether he means external effects like reverb, delay etc, or effects within the voice like grit, screams etc

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Ah, MB20, that makes more sense now! Perhaps he is even referring to a guide of sorts to the effects used in different songs, so that musicians can emulate the original "sound" of the vocals as closely as possible?

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sorry if I wasn't so clear...

I'm italian and it's some years, I practice english less than before...

Yes MB20 understood well. Im referring to the use of external effects. I have a Voicelive 2 that cover almost any kind of effect, and I'm lerning by attempts. But I was looking for a kind of guide as JohnGalt described.

Not only to "emulate" the sound of specific songs... but through this.. to "understand" the sounds.. and aplly to other songs too...

About the natural use of voice, it's something easier for me, to find.. the righr "preset" in my brain... altough I don't know if it's a scream a grit... or whatever else.. my voice.. go in the right direction... :)

I hope have been clear....

What CVT? is a method of the voice? or it's something about external effects?

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You're Italian? That's really cool!

So you mean like a book which describes the different vocal effects you can make, and explains how to make them? If that's what you mean, then CVT (complete vocal technique), based on what I have read about it, is what I think you might want, it apparently discusses effects for lower/upper register. However, I'm not sure whether it covers grit/rasp, I think it doesn't. Is it specifically rasp/screaming effects that you want?

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Hi Nightfly68

I think I understand what you're talking about - correct me if I'm wrong.

You're looking for a book that talks about the various electronic effects you can use while singing, yes? Like a voice processor. Unfortunately I don't know much about that, as I sing without any effects, but others may be able to help you. :)

CVT is a book which teaching singing techniques - for example - how to sing with a clean sound, or a slightly more distorted sound, or a very distorted sound in a healthy manner, without damaging the voice.

Hope this helps


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Right BigFoot... you understood perfectly....

No I dont think I need CVT (altough I don't discuss itcould be a great method.. and I study continuously on my voice, I think I have a good control and practice on different efefcts I can manage using only voice...

I think too.. that outboard for vocalists.. are something new in live situations and effects have been used primarily in studio for years.

Probably this need in few months will be not only mine.

I'm sure that all the singer using a pedal like Voicelive2, Vocalist.. or a rack unit, would understand better how songs have been made and could reply the effect for live...

I have great presets, for tracks like In the air tonight (Phil COllins), Purple Rain (Prince), Crazy (Seal), I want it all (Queen), Ozzy's track, Zeppelin Tracks, nad many of them give me a real interesting sound... to listo only some of them.

Now I'm looking to find the right sounds for compressed choirs like Mutt Lange productions (Def Leppard), kind of chorus used by Geoff Tate in tracks like Della Brown, a good sound for Pearl Jam, the right compression and support for AC-DC grit. To list some of the sounds I'm looking for.

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I knew that page.. there's something about some gear..

I have mine (VoiceLive 2) and I begun to use it confidently....

But I would like to have a guide to the kind of effect to apply to realize the kind of sound of some songs or artists...

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