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I finally check this guy out after numerous recommendations and WOW... he goes under the name "City and Colour" (even though he has a seriously cool name anyway! haha)

was just wondering if anyone could break down his vocals a bit? I've heard this kind of style on a few other singers like John Mayer and Joe Bonomassa. It sounds like he's using more breath to make his head voice thicker and heavier, but I'm probably completely wrong! any one got any suggestions?

This song is a brilliant example of his work

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I meant to comment on this when you first posted it, but never got around to it. So here I go. This guy is awesome. My favourite modern singer. He can flawlessly go between registers, belting, crooning, whatever he wants. He owns the passaggio as if it doesn't exist. Just saw him in concert yesterday, and he does the songs even better live. Crazy resonance. I could go on, but I won't. FORUM, LISTEN TO THIS GUY.

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Interesting thing about Dallas Green - and a note that goes off of Owen's point - I read an interview with Dallas that he practiced by singing with Guns N' Roses and Alice and Chains songs. So despite practicing this way, he developed his own voice. Interesting, I'd say.

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