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all for one or one for all?

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I was just wondering whether people think/ have experience with trying more than one vocal program at one time. Obviously they all have slightly different methods, but is it better to pick one and commit, only to find it doesn't really work for you, or work solidly on a few, taking bits from each but maybe risk not progressing as fast or practicing conflicting ideas?

I ask because I think it's naive to look at just one point of view, however don't want to be skipping between programs, not getting to the meat of things. Has any body had experience of doing either of these? what do you think works best?

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mb, maybe i'm just lucky, but i have found by reading a lot and studying a lot, you realize certain exercises came up a lot in the various books and dvd's....i use nothing but the basic exercises and i personally think it's the dilligence, and consistency that really works rather than one exercise better than the other unless you need specific rehabilitory help or spot training. i currently use james lugo's, plus other exercises from various teachers.

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