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I got an exercise that you do a siren, where you first slide upwards on an Ng and slide downwards on a Gee. I should do it throughout my range.

What I need to do is to put a Cry on my slides, in order to connect my voice? I just didn't understand "how much" or how loud the Cry should be. Should I Cry quietly or loudly?

I find it a bit easier to add the Cry when I sing higher pitches. Is it also useful for reaching whistle notes?

I have an additional question too! What means "first gear and second gear and third gear"?

Hope you can help me

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I would like to add another question to this thread. Could someone explain to me what the cry is?


i'm guessing the gear thing might be alluding to the vocal registers 1st=chest, 2nd=middle or mixed, 3rd=head and i must ask where did you hear or read this...i'm not so sure i like this...lol!!!

the cry or some call it a lean is used to engage a highly desirable laryngeal tilt very simply put, the top portion of your larynx tilts from back to front, which helps to stretch and thin the vocal folds excellent for middle voice and up.

it can simply be the sound of a wimpering child. member instructor tony o'hora has an excellent series of videos on you tube covering this subject.

just type in "How to sing high notes - Vocal power - Middle voice 1 through 4." check them out on youtube. bob

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