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The Tongue

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So, I've been experimenting a lot with different ways of singing for awhile now. Hence my being here. One of those things is keeping the tongue down when I sing. I just tried this a few minutes ago. Now, I could be wrong, but it seems to relax my voice greatly and allow high notes to come that much easier. I'll be trying it at a higher volume tomorrow, but in the mean time I wanted to see what the community had to say about this sort of thing.

So, how does the tongue affect relaxation of the voice and its freedoms?

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seth, the tongue is a huge muscle and needs to be both relaxed and controlled. it can get in the way of singing if it's allowed to block the throat. the air gets blocked, resonance is compromised just to name a few.

get into a habit of resting the tip behind the lower front teeth whenever possible.

joy sikorski has some good exercises for the tongue on her web site www.singbabysing.com


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For me, just being aware that the tongue is a big muscle which stretches down the front of the throat was helpful. The more I can imagine the sound going up and over, rather than through my jaw like I'm angry, the better.

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So when raising the larynx for twangy sounds the tongue should as well?

Anatomy 101. The base of the tongue is connected to the same muscle that controls the front of the larynx. Place a finger on the groove of your tongue and a finger from the other hand on your Adam's apple. Feel what they do in conjunction with each other. It's not something I made up. It is an anatomical fact, just like your head is above your feet and your heart is above your belly button.

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