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Problems with not pulling chest

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I've always heard the term "pulling chest" and I was always excited that it doesn't happen to me whenever I sing... But I've noticed something over the past few weeks... Sometimes when I'm in a rehearsal or a gig or something ( meaning specifically when my voice is coming out of an amplifier and not just naturally) Sometimes because my chest voice is much stronger than my head voice...I feel like my voice is getting weaker as I go up and I end up actually pulling chest! I really hate that and I was wondering does this mean I should train my head voice more or is there something different I need to do?

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Most of my training was taken from various sources...Some from Brett Manning's singing success" , some from Kevin Richards on youtube, some from other vocalists that I know. But I haven't really done training specifically for my head voice because I never knew how important it really was for a baritone

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