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Some great interviews by great vocalists

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Jeff Scott Soto, Midnight, Michael Kiske and more.


i've gotta say something here folks....i don't think these singers are gonna let on to whether or not they have worked their asses off with vocal exercises or training secrets, tricks of the trade or whatever.

most singers i know love to downplay the fact that they have done any training.

here's jeff scott soto:

Austin: First off, who do you consider your main vocal influences?

Jeff: Not in any particular order, Freddie Mercury, Sam Cooke, Steve Perry, & Terence Trent D'Arby. Most

assume I would list more rock or metal singers but honestly I was never influenced by any, I may

have enjoyed some of this genre's work but I never emulated or used those guys as springboards

for my own style.

further down in the interview he contradicts himself....

Austin: You've got an extremely powerful head voice; did it come naturally or did you have to work to develop it?

Jeff: Like I said, I never really developed it, it really came from emulating singers like Ronnie James Dio &

Bruce Dickinson or even Lou Gramm, I thought anyone who could sing well could sing like that, I

didn't realize how diferent I was until I started recording.

everyone's a natural...i don't buy it. i think once they get signed with major labels, they get assigned to vocal coaches or even may employ one or two.

but that's show biz....lol!!!

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Yeah, you'll find this with a lot of guitarists, too. I recently saw a clip of George Lynch (one of my biggest influences) from Dokken, and he claimed to not know any theory, doesn't know the major scale, etc. Yet in the very same clip, he goes on to talk about flattening fifths, pentatonic scales, and even named the notes.


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I guess it's sexier not to know any theory or not to have practiced any technique. Live in the streets, do some drugs, bone some chicks and you'll be a guitar hero or a vocal god in no time! Do not stay home practicing scales and stuff, that ruins the rock n roll! lol

Kinda like what Sammy Hagar said when asked if he has done any vocal training: "Just cruising around with my buddies in cars."

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I've read these interviews a while ago. Some are very interesting, you can tell that the vocalist tries to explain everything as precisely as he can. Hansi Kursch is a great example. On the other hand we have guys like Midnight from Crimson Glory. Great singer, but his answers are pure bullshit:)

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