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TVS & Rob Lunte Rocks

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Just have my first lesson with Rob and it was really rocking. He taught me stuff about medium to light mass phonation, octave scales and onsets to name a fe

Really thought he hit a chord in my vocal experience by helping me in no less then half an hour to bridge seamlessly from chest to head voice. I will be receiving the hard copy of the pillars 2 soon and am excited to work on that as well.

I highly recommend those who have not to check him out. He's the real deal folks.



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I am so glad you are having a positive experience. I find I am having the best luck with classical method and Lunte came from a classical background and his method includes more classical influence than any other method. Don't worry, you won't become an opera singer, which is not such a bad fate and I don't know why people are afraid of that. Then, again, I am more mature than many people I have known.

Anyway, for a popular singing singing system, I could recommend most Lunte's 4 Pillars. And I don't care if he owns the forum and the main website. As if you and others may have not figured out, I suck at "politics" and have a bad habit of saying what I think. And, at least for my sense of aesthetics, Lunte not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.

Anyway, good for you and I, and I am certain others would agree, would love to hear some samples of what you can do. They don't have to be "professional" or anything. Above all, we are about singing and you will find me a bigger "cheerleader" than most.

Ah, the irony of life.

And I am going to post it again because it rocks my ^&*%ing socks off. So, sue me.


Take no prisoners, give no quarter.

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What a nice surprise! Thanks a lot guys! Yes Ben, your first lesson honestly was pretty impressive. You have a good intuition for the technique and if you stick with me for about 10 lessons or so, you will really launch forward in your training, Im quite sure of it. Dig into all that new content and let me know when your ready for your next sesh... thanks for the nice post.

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