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someone pls tell me what mode is dio using in here?!?!?

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it has been bugging me for a damn long time, i just can't get it


to my ears, it really sounds like he's on Curbing. it doesnt seem to have that 'shouty' character that supposedly to be overdrive.

i can be really really wrong here. Dio just sing it 'too relaxed' its hard to believe.

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Dio did curbing on some words but on words that were more "open", he just did overdrive or edge. Or neutral or MLN. If you want to explore this singing style you can't stick to a single mode. Which is why that these days I'm not thinking that much in terms of vocal modes. They are a double edged sword that can both help and confuse.

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i hope you don't mind that i'm gonna ask questions that would really go into details..

first, what is MLN? its a new term to me..

second, the first verse:

look away from the sea < curbing?

i can take you anywhere < OD? possible neutral?

then on 1.32, prechorus,

the power of what has been before < are all these on OD and edge??

lastly, it seems whenever i practice this song at home, in my own room, i can easily sing it,

but the moment i step in the studio to practice with my band, it became so hard, like i have to really push.

i think its my tendency to 'get louder' to be heard, and that's what always troubling me. i end up pushin n crackin all over the place its embarrassing. if this is the case, how do I exactly control my volume?? I tried plugging in ear plugs, but it helps only a little..

do you have any suggestions?

thanks so much

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