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acoustic tunes

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Here's a couple of acoustic covers I recorded with just vocals & geetar live into my DAW - looking for some feedback prior to adding to my acoustic set.

I've uploaded into the music player in 'myvocals' page - http://www.themodernvocalist.com/profile/StevenGardner

"Stay" - originally done by the country act "Sugarland" - saw them on this years Grammy show and was floored by the song. Here's my take from the guy's perspective. I added midi strings for color.

"Can't Get You Off My Mind" by Lenny Kravitz - I just really like this tune and felt my voice fit well with it.

Thanks in advance....


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"Can't get you off your mind"

In the beginning of the song when you sing the following pieces I noticed flatness and slight pitch related issues "I don't want to lose you baby" "I ve got a pocket of money" "Pocket When" I , "can't you see", "when it comes to loven" flat

as the song continues some of the problems I heard earlier "Pocket" flatness did no return for the most part...I hope this is making sense to you.

You have a lenny kravitz sound going which is cool...do not think too much of trying to sound like him...sing like yourself.

"Drive" in the beginning "its too late" "late" is flat/pitchy "when you fall" (same problem),...

"when you shake" (Too Weak and quiet), "whos going to come around" more of the same....

The song for the most part is enjoyable and would be nice to hear live in a bar...this is not pro quality yet...I think you need to really find your own natural voice and mature that instead of trying to push for the rock distortion sound...its not bad; but I think you are hiding the true vocal artist that you are that I heard in some of your earlier stuff.

Carry On - "This game with me" & "what can it be (a little pitchy)

I like the song here thou; you really get into it nice and make it pretty convincing....when you sing any longer at the end...literally the last line is the voice I think identifies what your voice truly is. its rich and smooth and has a nice tone...A night of hearing these types of songs and the way you sing them for me would get old after a while...for common untrained ears its very good. I know that you have good versatility from previous recordings;;;just throttle back and let the richness come out....try not to sound whomever you think you may sound like..

Man I hope this makes sense to you and I am on the right track...I am throwing opinions out as the song is playing..I am typing what I hear.


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Thanks so much for the feedback - I guess I am looking for my own 'voice', so I try different ways to sing - I really don't look to or try to sound like anyone, it's just me experimenting with my voice - seeing what works.

I do agree with you on your critique, I do have a tendency to become 'pitchy' at times and I think I try too hard to make the song display emotion......

I'll keep working on it :)

I wish I knew what my 'own voice' is though

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I had the same issue as a teenager, I strained a lot to hit the high notes....ove time and many playbacks you know when to hold back and not go for it...Elton John and many singers have a tendancy to change (adjust by singing a typically a higher part at a lower register) Live so as not to strain or go off pitch...

just don't push, get more air coming from below your belly button and sing like you own the world.


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