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How can I do this?

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Trying to do a light connected head voice that lightly dips into chest voice. Something that doesn't sound completely falsetto-ish though. Something I can use to build stronger high notes.

Here's an example of what I mean. I just heard on youtube today an early demo of a Radiohead song called There There. In this Thom is just lightly practicing the melody:

The later studio version for reference:

I just end up in a weak falsetto or a strained chest voice when I attempt this.

How can I get in the middle? :/

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I guess I can do it a little bit, but it's VERY weak. Definitely not chest or falsetto though.

Just keep doing it? Anyway I can make it stronger with more resonance?

evil, respectfully, you sound like you "fear" singing it....you appear to be holding back.

It is an upper voice song, and it needs more support, and at times a little bit of twang would thicken it.

practice things like falsetto slides, and sing it with more support, more body...

the trick i've found with these kinds of light-sounding heady songs is it sounds light, but it is actually well supported from below.

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